We blend the science of behavioral and consumer psychology with communications and creativity to execute public relations programs and customer service trainings.

Customer Service Training

We blend the science of behavioral psychology, consumer psychology and communications and creativity to carry out public relations and customer service training. This is carried out through the provision of bespoke customer service training for all staff- to ensure the delivery of service is in alignment with the brand’s vision and purpose

  • Customer Service Training comes with a needs assessment, customized training module and a training program designed to fit your needs and schedule
  • Customer Service Consultancy. We assess management processes and systems(hiring process, training program) and identify ways to improve service quality
  • Service consultancy. Develop strategies and approaches to assist you in customizing your brand experience through service. 

Public Relations

We pride ourselves on handling all aspects of public relations for our clients- from concept development and design to the actual hosting of the program. We advise on how to utilize social media for publicity and integrated marketing

  • Strategize and activate events to achieve brand’s strategic goal
  • Write press releases and post-event articles
  • Social media program development
  • Liaise with the media outlets- media management
  • International public relations- access publicity world wide
  • Multi-media publicity 
  • Curate events